Getting Fat on Pieces of Pie

My elder brother and his family came to visit me in San Antonio for Christmas. Nostalgically, I wanted to prepare the foods our Mother would make every year during the holidays: nut cake, pralines, fudge, cocoons and the piece de resistance, our Mother’s pecan pie.

Over the years for convenience sake, I fell victim to the ready-made pie crust movement. I started with the frozen pie crusts, then migrated to the refrigerated raw dough variety. Although these allowed me to cut corners in my pie making, they are simply not as delicious as a homemade crust. Before I embarked on my holiday baking extravaganza, I decided to school myself on making crusts from scratch. I tested several recipes and found the one that most resembled Mother’s. The endless compliments from my family assured me that the extra effort I made was worth it.

In 2017 I plan on taking my new-found baking skills to my fellow employees at FacilityRX in using pie as a reminder for my belief that, “You can get fat on pieces of pie.” Throughout my life, I have seen people so focused on getting the entire deal that they subsequently lose the chance to win any smaller portion of the opportunity. At this point in my career, I have learned that it is better to have a piece of something than nothing at all. Not only do these pieces contribute nicely to cash flow, they allow us to focus on the part of a job that we win to further refine our expertise and skills in that area. We also get the opportunity to interact with a larger variety of clients thus growing our knowledge of how to work best with businesses from their industry in the future.

But even winning pieces of the pie does not come by accident. Like making my crust from scratch, I know that by continually educating ourselves on new topics like employee health and wellness, IT integration strategies and trends in the workplace has allowed us to expand our expertise and services to these areas as well. In turn, we can offer our clients more flavor varieties, so to speak. Through our own brand of baking from scratch, the methodical process of education to become experts, is how our company will continue to get fat on pieces of pie!

If you are interested in a slice for your company contact me and I will be happy to tell you about our services.

Until then, bon appetite!