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Why “Renew, Refresh, Repurpose”?

So many reasons. Salvaging durable goods reduces landfill, and relieves organizations of the burden of warehousing assets they no longer need. We remove all administrative, logistic, and space responsibilities clients typically manage.

There are also architectural design proponents of “upscaling,” incorporating materials and objects into a sustainable aesthetic. Turning “trash into treasure” makes more economic and ecological sense than ever, diverting reclaimable goods and material away from the landfill.

Why Facility Rx?

Because we are uniquely suited to helping you solve transition challenges and asset management. Is your business gearing up for expansion, facing a downsizing, burdened by outdated assets, or shutting down a location? Facility Rx offers an innovative blend of industry equipment expertise, networked business to business resources, logistics and project management support. Our ability to provide enterprise solutions through our suite of customizable programs can provide efficiencies you only imagined were possible.

Sales Channels

  • Network of business-to-business buyers
  • Network of North American and Latin American equipment brokers
  • Live auctions (your location or ours)
  • Online auctions
  • E-classifieds
  • Online enterprise solutions for customers with complex asset management needs