If your company is planning an expansion or relocation, you owe it to your company to minimize disruption to your business and ensure the seamless transition of your infrastructure. With us in your corner, you can focus on your business, not your move. Not only can your relocation be done painlessly, but it can provide a unique opportunity to engage all your stakeholders to create a more effective environment to promote your company culture, enhance best practices and foster business growth.



You work hard transforming interiors into inspiring spaces. It’s what you love to do and frankly, you’re good at it. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, literally. From that perfect lighting fixture to the mid-century style seating, we offer procurement, inspection, warehousing and installation services for A&D firms. You worry about the specification and approval from your client, we get it ordered, stored and installed at just the right time for that big open house.



Sometimes you just need a little help. Sometimes you need an outside perspective. Why staff up for a one-time project? We can help you manage that unforeseen project or work with you to review your processes so your organization can perform at its best. Tap into our ability to deliver industry leading expertise in organizing and managing assets, people and projects.



Medal to the Pedal

Thanks to Shannon Braymen, kids from Madison Elementary have been riding home in June with new bikes every year since 2005. Shannon collaborated with educators from the school to establish their “Medal to the Pedal” incentive program for perfect attendance. One hundred days into the school year, children who have achieved this goal receive a medal at a celebratory party as a benchmark that they are half way there. At the end of the year, every student that has reached the goal receives a new bike, helmet and lock. This year 108 out of 650 students received bicycles. This is a huge win-win for the kids and the district as student attendance directly correlates to funding received by the school. Facility RX has been a proud sponsor of this event since its inception.


Zero Landfill

In April 2016, Facility RX donated our site, to host, and our warehouse, to store, the materials collected for the International Interior Design Association of San Antonio’s Zero Landfill bi-annual recycling event. Specification samples including tile, fabric, carpet, wood and paint samples are collected and donated by architects and interior designers and offered free of charge to members of the community.